English · 30. Juli 2021
Sustainable Procurement
At Purpose it was clear from the beginning that sustainable work is done and only 100% organic cotton is used. The processing of conventional cotton simply cannot be justified. Organic cotton comes from seeds that have not been genetically modified and have been planted without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic cotton is grown using natural methods and benefits not only the soil, biodiversity, wildlife and the environment, but also the farmers. Their health and quality of...
English · 30. Juli 2021
Our supply chain is certified by several independent bodies to various standards. Each of these certifications demonstrates that work is being done at every stage to build healthy environmental practices and greater respect for people and the planet.
English · 30. Juli 2021
Responsible Production
Our producer Stanley/Stella is proud to have contributed to the improvement of economic conditions in the country and the social advancement of the workforce. From the beginning, you have worked with partner factories to improve working conditions for the people who make our textiles. But we also know that there is still much to do.
English · 30. Juli 2021
Our ecological footprint
At this stage, we cannot accurately estimate the carbon footprint of our garments. Many factors play a role, such as the region the cotton comes from, the weight and color of the product, and the factory where it was made. Therefore, we continue to collect data from our entire supply chain so that we can better understand our environmental impact and work to minimize it. It is important to mention that consumption figures depend on many variables, including measurement and data collection...

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    Silvie (Donnerstag, 03 Juni 2021 23:12)

    Ich trage das T-Shirt „end hunger“ gerne und oft und finde es toll, dass ich dabei noch einem guten Zweck helfe :-)
    Habe mir jetzt noch das „Purpose“ Shirt bestellt. Ich wünsche euch weiterhin viel Erfolg!

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    Svenja (Sonntag, 02 Mai 2021 16:11)

    Super Projekt und so schöne qualitative Kleider :D <3

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    Dennis (Donnerstag, 18 Februar 2021 13:32)

    Mein Name ist Dennis und ich bin der Betreiber von purpose-clothing.ch!
    Ich freue mich sehr, dass Du den Weg hierhin gefunden hast. Schon was entdeckt, dass dir gefällt? ;-)