Our ecological footprint

CO2 neutral until 2030!

At this stage, we cannot accurately estimate the carbon footprint of our garments. Many factors play a role, such as the region the cotton comes from, the weight and color of the product, and the factory where it was made. Therefore, we continue to collect data from our entire supply chain so that we can better understand our environmental impact and work to minimize it. It is important to mention that consumption figures depend on many variables, including measurement and data collection procedures, calculation methods, and the types of garments produced in a given period or the color shades of the fabrics produced. We are committed to identifying and reducing the carbon footprint of our entire supply chain. This will be achieved through greenhouse gas sequestration projects (e.g. reforestation) and social projects to improve living conditions.


Water usage

All our factories are equipped with wastewater treatment facilities. We know that water is a priceless resource, and we use it responsibly. By using only organic cotton, we ensure that only a minimum amount of water is used for cultivation and that pollution from harmful chemicals is avoided. In this way, soil and wildlife are protected from contamination.



According to our calculations, our garments cover a distance of around 24,000 km on their way from the cotton plantation in India to the factories in Bangladesh via Antwerp (Belgium) to Basel.


Our goal is to always work with partners who care as much about sustainability as we do. The warehouse in Antwerp is managed by Katoen Natie (KTN), where impressive measures have been taken to maximize environmental protection. KTN has managed to save thousands of tons of CO2 by adapting its own infrastructure and now operates almost 100% sustainably. Among other things, it uses renewable energy from local wind farms, LED lighting, and 90% of its cardboard is made from fully recycled materials. 

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